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Lapworth C.C. toured Hampshire in 2012!


August 2012 saw the lads embark upon a 5 day tour of Hampshire during which time they intended to drown their southern counterparts in runs and wickets but only succeeded in drowning themselves in beer.

The four matches arranged were to be played over 5 days against;

Sarisbury C.C.

Calmore Sports C.C.

Fawley C.C.

Bramshaw C.C.

Unfortunately only 2 games were played due to poor weather at the start of the week.

Members who toured (and their nicknames) were...


Richard Evans 'Chair' - He is, after all, the Chairman

(would've been appalled at the sight of the boys stumbling out of 'Pure' at 3am).

Pete Moore 'Yamyam' - He is, after all, a yamyam

(entertained the opposition with his unique brand of anecdotal storytelling).

Dave Pugh 'Reg' - Other contenders were 'Cyril Sneer', 'Nellie' and, 'the main protagonist of Carlo Collodi's 1883 children's novel'

(the skipper lead by example at the bar).

Mark Pratt 'Divot' - The greatest diving stopper in the Warwickshire Cricket League

(Fawley's groundsman won't be pleased).

Adam Carter 'Stress' - Buddy up with George for this one, Ad

(George was too busy reclining).

Sean Cross 'Baldy' - That was a valiant attempt at an 'Ashley Cole' mate

(unbelievable that he got ID'd going into those clubs).

James Cross 'Brucey' - Didn't they do well with this name?

(Strictly Came Dancing)

Tom Drury 'Boyband' - Stubble, check. Clobber, check. Louis Walsh, check (not really).

(unimpressed with bars not playing his tunes - then he remembered he isn't actually in a band)

James Drury 'Sicknote' - James is still a doubt for the trip, unfortunately

(was given the go-ahead last minute, but couldn't bowl on the trip - groin injury).

Tim Pentland 'Butters' - Should have no trouble juggling the lager and the shots

(or the naans).

Jon Pentland 'Thunder' - He picked it himself. Hence, the lack of harshness

(looked remarkably similar to new Batman villain, Bane with his batting helmet on).

George Hill 'Horizontal' - Have a pint with Carter. We think it may be good for him

(Carter was too busy arranging meeting times).

John Davis 'Chief' - Look out dance floor, the Chief is gonna rip you up

(fined for his dancing on the first night).

Craig Bowen 'Lurch' - A monster of a man

(didn't leave as many divots as Mr Pratt, but what he lacked in quantity he made up for in quality).

and the inimitable Timothy Dennis Fell 'Jockstrap' - Anyone who's seen it knows it should have been 'G-String'

(that poor, poor police woman).


Touring Party Expansion


There were two late additions to the party. They were:

Colin Troth

(what a suit)

Sean Troth

(fined for missing breakfast - as if missing out on a fry-up isn't punishment enough)

They didn't have official tour nicknames, but here were some ideas:

Colin, Colin, Colin

SeanSean, Sean

2 pictures sum up the tour perfectly...

Curry on tour

Dancing on tour


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