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Lapworth C.C. has begun a new era.



After the 2011 season the members of Lapworth cricket club made the decision to split from their merger with Offchurch and so Offchurch/Lapworth C.C. became Lapworth C.C. once more.

It is exciting to be back in a position where we are self-sufficient again and so far the move has been successful. One of the biggest challenges was always going to be attracting enough new players to sustain two teams and it has been a case of 'so far, so good'. It is no mean feat for any village cricket club to get back to a two team setup with individual status once it has had to merge with another club and we are very proud to have achieved independence once more.

There are many benefits to this development at the club. For one, the ground is being used every week again and not every fortnight. The buzz around the club has improved dramatically. It is great to have the other team arriving back at the ground to support their colleagues when they are still in action.

We are aware, however, that we still need to grow as a club and the recruitment of new players is high on the list of priorities for the club.

Lapworth cricket club will always be grateful to Offchurch C.C. for it's co-operation and friendship during the merger and it's members will always be welcomed at the Melson.